Mar 22, 2009

My CT Stina made another fantastic new tutorial !

Prior to my computer issues, I was able to contribute to a wonderful collaboration for my dear friend Soxie. My awesome CT Stina put together this fantastic tutorial using parts of that collaboration. Get to the tutorial here:

If you haven't got this Awesome collaboration yet, you can get it here (preview below): and it's a STEAL!

Mar 19, 2009

Even Worse News *updated*

I've lost everything, including the receipts for all of my CU purchases. It probably goes without saying that im extremely brokenhearted about this, but have come to the decision that I am going to take some "time off".

I want to thank you all for the many wonderful comments and emails you sent to me. Please continue to support the wonderful designers I had the pleasure to work alongside with at Exquisite Scraps (link on the right).

This blog will remain up so that you can be sure to grab the freebies i've posted. If you want to know when i'll be back to designing, you may want to join as a "follower" to this blog.

Thank you all....


Mar 18, 2009

Bad News :(

Looks like I somehow got a trojan. I tried to get rid of it and it locked up windows - it will only 'half" load. Not sure how long this is going to take to fix or if i can even fix it without performing a system recovery and losing everything. As soon as i figure out whats happening, i'll let you know.

Wish me luck, I can use all the luck I can get.



Mar 16, 2009

FREEBIES: St Patricks Day Convoy!

We are not all in the same time zones, so if you come to a blog which have no convoy kit, please come back later :)

Enjoy !!!

01 - SotoCreations

02: PinkuPixie Digital Designs

03: Kolor'Scapez!

04: Elemental Pixie

05: Foxylady Creation

06: Bits N Bobs

07: Outback Dezigns

08: Lizard Dau Designs

09: CandysTreasure

10: Majik Of Mystee Designz

11: Oopsie Daisy - YOU ARE HERE

12: Channi D

13: The Queen and the Princess Designs

14: Designs by Teri~

15: Capture Life Designs

16: Tammy Jo's Creations

17: Blind Sight Designs

18: King Frost Creations

19: Tiffany's Treasures

20: Moo's Scraps

21: Bluevelvet DeZigns

22: Moodz Scrapz

Back to the beginning...

If you are interested in joining other of our convoys you can learn more here: Twisted Convoys

Mar 10, 2009

New CU Items in Stores Now!

Now Available in Stores!

Exquisite Scraps and Heartbeatz Creationz

Mar 9, 2009

FREEBIES! Alllllllllllllll Abooooooooooard!!

The Lucky Blog Train has left the station so I hope you have your snaggin fingers ready! This is quite a large train so there are MANY goodies from LOTS of fantastic designers.

Here is my contribution to the Lucky Blog Train. As always, i'd love to see anything you make with it ! Want to know whenever I have goodies posted? I have enabled my "followers" widget to make it easy for you to follow my blog. Thanks so much everyone and enjoy!


and THEN!! Visit all these wonderful contributors at the following links:

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Stina has done it again!

Brand New Tutorial using my new "Springy" kit - now available at Exquisite Scraps.

"Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life"

Isnt it awesome!! Thanks Stina!

Mar 6, 2009

New Items Available Now !

LOTS of new items available NOW and ON SALE at Exquisite Scraps. New layered overlays and 7 new "Royal" Templates - all Commercial Use! Click on the picture below to see it larger.

Mar 4, 2009

New CU Layered Overlays

New Layered Commercial Use Overlays now available at Exquisite Scraps.
They are FULL SIZED.

This first one is called "Oopsie's Daisies"

and this is just a sample of what you can do with them. (Sample pages not included)

This one is called "Layered Overlays - Pack 2"

and this is just a sample of what you can do with them.
(again sample pages not included)

There are 6 layered overlays in each "pack" that are in PSD format only.
They are on sale right now so be sure to go get yours!

Mar 3, 2009

Freebie: Matching Alpha Courtesy of My Awesome CT Michelle

My awesome CT Michelle created this fantastic alpha to match my new "Dont Bug Me" kit which you can find exclusively at Exquisite Scraps ! Thanks so much Michelle, I love it!

Aren't my CT's the best??!!

Grab Your Freebie Alpha Here

Created by my wonderful CT Stina

Just wanted to share with you something new my CT Stina made for me with my "Dont Bug Me" kit. Isnt it just adorable?!? Thank you so much Stina! You can find the tutorial for this awesome tag here:

"Bee-lieve in the Bee-auty of Life"