Feb 28, 2009

Everyone jump on The Goodie Train for Freebies!

LOTS of stuff going on right now!!
If you didnt know, Exquisite Scraps Grand Opening was TODAY!
Pop on over there and check out ALL the awesome items on sale!
There is a super 50% off sale and tons of fantastic freebies including some CU items!

Here's a peek at my Grand Opening Freebie
Remember you can grab this and many other freebies at Exquisite Scraps

Now onto The Goodie Train Freebie!
My preview isnt showing up correctly over at The Goodie Train, so i'm posting another view of it here. This is the Mini-Kit i've put together for ya....


Feb 27, 2009

Newest Kits!

Here is the first of the two new kits. This one is called "Springy".

and This New Kit is called "Dont Bug Me" lol

Be sure to grab yours! These kits are available in full size.
Please know that not all components were included in the previews.
You can only find these kits at:
Exquisite Scraps

Feb 25, 2009

Mark Your Calendars....

For a Fantastic Grand Opening Sale!
Store Opens 12:00AM Sunday 01st March!
Australian ~ New Zealand Time!

Feb 24, 2009

CT Call !

Click to make it bigger

Designer Call At Exquisite Scraps

Feb 20, 2009

Great News!

I am now a Designer for Exquisite Scraps!
It's an AWESOME new store filled with Talented and Super Friendly Designers.

More information to come so please check back

Feb 15, 2009

New Kit - Silly Wabbit + FREEBIE!

Wow! Where to start. When I sat down I wanted to put together a little easter kit for everyone. Well, this is anything but little. LOL. My kits keep getting bigger and bigger! The preview does not show all the components that are included in this kit. I tried to add as many as I could though :). I named this kit "silly wabbit" because it's a silly, fun and whimsical kit that i hope you'll find many uses for. So lets get to the goods...

20 12 x 12 300 dpi papers
1 woven basket
1 string
2 bracket journal/frames
3 funny bunnies
2 butterflies
1 chickadee
2 cuppy cakes
1 cloud raining diamonds from heaven
2 silly dragonflies
5 eggs (2 different styles)
1 egg carton - complete with ink splashes
4 paper style flowers
1 foam flower
1 fabric flower
1 swag
1 corsage
2 traditional style frames (embellished of course)
2 glitter splashes
1 grass line for the fence
1 wooden fence
1 bottle of gumdrops
1 paper swirl
2 paper/ribbon-type swirls
2 sassy birds
1 tree
1 furry sheep
1 yellow gel swirl

I'm kinda liking the idea of these little quickpage freebies and I hope you all are too!
I want to say thank you to those of you who are leaving "thank you" comments - they are very much appreciated.

I'm not sure if i'm going to do another "easter" kit, but i'm sure i'll do another spring style kit. Usually when I say i'm not sure if i'll do something, I'll wind up getting the inspiration from somewhere and doing it. I hope that happens this time around :).

While I still gotcha, please feel free to add my blinkie to your blog or webpage :)
It's silly & it's right over there -------------> (scroll up a bit)


Feb 12, 2009

New Kit and Matching Freebie!

This kit is named "Laisez Les Bons Temps Rouler" which translates to "Let the good times roll" :). I did the kit preview a little different this time around. I think I like it much better than cramming everything on there. I continued making a paper preview on it's own because I like being able to see just the papers in kits. I made this because soon, 2/24, it will be Mardi Gras and while this was inspired by Mardi Gras, it can also be used as a birthday kit too.

Laisez Les Bons Temps Rouler includes 20 12 x 12 300 dpi papers, 5 different balloons, 1 chick, 1 bead chick wordart, 2 birds, 1 bourbon street sign, i roadway, 1 bustier, 2 butterflys, 1 clock, 3 feathers, 1 feather mask, 4 florals, 2 foil blasts, 3 wrought iron frames, 1 paper frame, 5 different swirlies, 1 lantern, 1 street lantern, 3 bead strings, 2 glitter masks, 1 glitter mesh corner, 2 party hats, 2 pinwheels, 3 curling ribbons, 2 strings, 3 wrap bows.

I made a matching freebie of "extras" I hope that you will enjoy using.


Feb 11, 2009

Its one of THEM

It's after 1 in the morning and I cant sleep. So I'm at the computer and what happens? I have NO mojo. Murphy's Law much? I have decided, though, that my previews need to be done differently. I feel like they are a schmattering of stuff and not so "organized". I'm forever trying to get everything to show up and we all know that doesnt work.

I need to make a manicurist appt. I havent done that in MONTHS and that's just not me. I LOVE fancy schmancy nails and I have one helluve a manicurist. I stopped going because my schedule blew up on me and I didnt go back when it mellowed. I think I really MUST make an appt. Okay, you talked me into it. lol

Tomorrow will most likely be a "helmet" day. You know the kind you think you should wear a helmet so you dont damage your head in one way or another? Lack of sleep makes me stupid. lol

I'm done rambling. I think i'm going to watch last weeks greys anatomy tivo since I havent watched it yet. I was planning a Thursday Marathon.

OMG, I just got "the heebs" (heebie jeebies). I have my hair in a ponytail and it's pretty long (when i flat iron it, which I did today) and it tickled my neck and felt like a creepy crawler was on me. *shudder* Thank goodness I didnt scream and wake the kids.

Boy do I need sleep! Okay - off to bed now.

Gnite all!

Feb 10, 2009

New Kit - First Bite

First Bite kit. This kit is "Twilight" Inspired. I think it's also an awesome Valentine Day kit as well. This is a very big kit - lots of stuff to play with! 20 papers and 53 embellishments! Of course - not all if it made it to the preview! I would definitely love to see your creations with this kit! Lets get to the breakdown...

20 12x12 300 dpi papers
1 "bitten" apple, 1 black satin rose, 1 red bow, 2 wrap bows, 2 smaller bows, 4 butterflies, 1 red binder clip, 1 diamond star, 1 red feather, 2 bougainville flowers, 1 "wet" red rose stem, 1 full red rose bloom, 1 rose bundle, 3 frames, 2 "furry" hearts, 1 silver metal bling, 2 glitter paper borders, 1 glitter gel heart, 2 heart embellishments, 1 metal and beaded heart embellishments, 1 heart stitches, 1 round journal frame/tag, 1 knotted ribbon, two leaves, 1 metal heart embellishment, metal swirl, 2 paper heart frames/journals, 1 quote, 1 red chrome swirl, 1 red ribbon ivy frame, 1 red satin rose, 1 red stitched ribbon, 2 folded ribbons, 1 ruby star, 1 black ribbon string, 2 traditional tags, 1 pocket tag, 1 white rose ribbon and 1 white satin rose. WHEW!

New Kit - Natural Spring + Freebie!

Natural Spring is a kit with neutral/natural colors but with a spring influence. I started making this kit last month and then set it aside. I was so happy when I "fell upon" the files! I think my fave part of this kit is my wishing well. I would love to see anything you make with this kit.

20 12 x 12 300 dpi papers
2 belts
4 ribbon wraps
1 bow
3 bow flowers
2 bracket/journals
6 florals
1 floral corner
6 frames
3 journals/tags
1 lace frame/journal
1 metallic pearl emb.
2 pearls
1 pocketwatch
1 peach colored rain
1 peach swirl emb.
1 wishing well

I also made a freebie with this kit.
Two quick pages that I hope you will use and enjoy.
Thank you to all of you who leave comments with thank yous.
You are much appreciated.

Feb 6, 2009

Cashmere Kisses Freebie

I made just a lil something extra for all my visitors while putting the kit together.
I'm looking into different stores to join. I havent picked one yet but met a lot of very nice people. I'll be sure to post it here when I decide which store i'll join. In the meantime, i'm in need of one or two Creative Team members. I think i'm going to put together a minikit for a freebie and ask everyone who's interested to submit examples of layouts made with the minikit and decide from there. Sound good? :)

Enough talk - lets get to the freebie!


New Kit - Cashmere Kisses

I named this kit "Cashmere Kisses". I love the rich colors of it. One of my biggest kits yet!
I couldnt even fit all the products into the preview! Lets see what you get...

18 12 x 12 300 dpi papers
4 bows
2 butterflys
1 cherub
2 dotted/curled ribbons
2 tags
1 enamel corner embellishment
2 fabric roses
3 flowers
1 floral swag
2 folded/stitched ribbons
3 Traditional frames
1 ribbon/wreath frame
2 bling florals
2 journal tags
1 journal book
1 journal page
1 material swatch
4 open brackets
3 straight ribbons
1 string
1 swirl
2 fabric throws

Feb 4, 2009


I made an uppercase bonus alpha to match the new Love and Adore kit!

You can grab it here:


Love and Adore

Here's another color scheme I fell in love with...so I named it love and adore. Perfect for Valentines Day and not so "traditional". Not all components are included in preview.
This kit includes:

16 12 x 12 300 dpi papers
1 page border
1 floral border
1 swirl bling
2 tassels
1 stitched border
1 floral heart wreath
1 satin wrap
1 bow wrap
2 butterflys
2 fabric flowers
2 bows
1 furry heart
5 frames
1 glitter charm
2 journal/frames
1 message
1 necklace
1 bottle
1 beaded heart bling