Feb 11, 2009

Its one of THEM

It's after 1 in the morning and I cant sleep. So I'm at the computer and what happens? I have NO mojo. Murphy's Law much? I have decided, though, that my previews need to be done differently. I feel like they are a schmattering of stuff and not so "organized". I'm forever trying to get everything to show up and we all know that doesnt work.

I need to make a manicurist appt. I havent done that in MONTHS and that's just not me. I LOVE fancy schmancy nails and I have one helluve a manicurist. I stopped going because my schedule blew up on me and I didnt go back when it mellowed. I think I really MUST make an appt. Okay, you talked me into it. lol

Tomorrow will most likely be a "helmet" day. You know the kind you think you should wear a helmet so you dont damage your head in one way or another? Lack of sleep makes me stupid. lol

I'm done rambling. I think i'm going to watch last weeks greys anatomy tivo since I havent watched it yet. I was planning a Thursday Marathon.

OMG, I just got "the heebs" (heebie jeebies). I have my hair in a ponytail and it's pretty long (when i flat iron it, which I did today) and it tickled my neck and felt like a creepy crawler was on me. *shudder* Thank goodness I didnt scream and wake the kids.

Boy do I need sleep! Okay - off to bed now.

Gnite all!