Oct 23, 2009

New "ish" Stuff - available now

Here are two new"ish" things I created when TSD was open. They were made specifically for Halloween and are all Commercial Use Items. One is full sized and the other is tagger sized. I also have some overlays that I need to repackage that will be available soon. You can purchase these here: Oopsie Daisy at Stargazer Scraps

I'm still super busy with the Halloween stuff, but i'm hoping to soon have my own store opened! I hope you all are having a great and fun-filled October! Check back soon :)

Oct 16, 2009

So much going on!

So lemme get right to it :) ...

Halloween plannings are coming along fantastically! Finished my blood barfer (will take pics soon and post) and am now working on my grave grabber. I need to make a few more witch jars to hang from the trees, but those can be whipped out fairly quickly. Will most likely work on them this evening after we go to see Zombieland :).

New manicure - I was SO sad to see my last set go - but have a whole new set. My manicurist hasnt posted the pics of them yet so when she does - i'll post them here. they're black tips with hand painting on each nail. There are ghosts, spiders, spiderwebs, skulls and two sayings.

Knotts Scary Farm - it was a pretty cool experience. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to go through any mazes...which BUMMED me out...but...mebbe next year. Love the sliders and am thinking of incorporating them into my own haunted house this year... we'll see.

Universal Studios - HHN - OMG if you're anywhere near Hollywood, CA - DONT MISS IT. I just went last night and had the BEST time EVER. We did EVERYTHING. We just got in at 5 am this morning and I havent uploaded the pics yet, so when i get to that I will most def. share. It was a little hard taking pics because they dont allow flash photography (plus the flash takes away from the horror of it all)....but we got some pretty good shots and some REALLY awesome ideas for our own haunted house! DO NOT miss the Terror Tram...it ROCKED.

Am I outta hiatus yet? lol. Well...kinda sorta. I havent made anything new yet except that i'm working on opening my own store. I'm not working on it heavily - just whenever i get the inspiration type of thing and i'm not sure what the opening date will be. I can whip out a zen cart store fairly quickly though, so once i get most of my Halloween Haunt items done I'll be able to concentrate on opening a store.

I've gotta run out right now and pick up my girlie from school then get back to work on the Halloween Haunt stuffs :).

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and i'll get those pics posted as soon as I can :)!