Sep 23, 2009

Please update link to this blog...

This blog will be switching back to its original url soon.

Please update your blog links to:

Thanks All !

Sep 22, 2009

Got my nails "did" :) & I LOVE them!

If ya didnt know, im kind of a manicure freak :).

My mom, my daughter and I went in to have our nails done. Mom had the regular french, allyssa had her little rocker girlie thing going on and of course, because i'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Halloween - I had mine done in a Halloween style.

I TOTALLY have to show you all these pics!!

Here are my daughters nails. She's 11 years old - isnt this adorable!!
Those are all hand painted! I do not allow Allyssa to get acrylic on her fingernails, in my opinion, she's too young..but with the way angela does nails...the acrylic isnt even missed!
Now all of Allyssa's girlfriends want Angela to do their nails!

And here are mine!!
I've always said it - I am so lucky to have the BEST manicurist ever!

On the thumbs there are spider webs in the corners and a 3D Jack-o-Lantern on each!!

I love them!!

Sep 20, 2009

Wow! I won an award!

Thanks so much to Candie of Candie's Creations for this awesome award

I'd now like to pass this along to....

and Melliebeans

Enjoy Ladies!

Sep 19, 2009

Kit Requests...

I've been receiving a lot of emails from people requesting my kits. As you all know, i'm currently not producing any new kits and am taking a break from digiscrapping. What i'm going to do is re-activate the products I have over at Stargazer Scraps. Stargazer Scraps will be the only store where you can get my kits. Here is the link:

Thanks for the comments and emails. You all are absolutely fantastic!

I've been tagged for fun stuff!

Stina tagged me to do this fun little questionnaire.
I'm a little late, but here goes :)

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS?

I'm a Photoshop girl and have been playing with Photoshop since the 90's - Photoshop 5

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits?

I saw a tag made online with a link to a yahoo group so i joined it. After requesting them for a couple months I decided to try my hand at making them. Then began making freebie scrapkits and the rest is history :)

3. Who`s your fave artist?

Wow, uhm...lets see...I like a lot - but my TOP faves are Elias Chatzoudis, Al Rio, Joel Adams, Tyson McAdoo and Rion (aka Pinup Toons). Rion being the first I found online.

4.Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?

This ones pretty easy...I really like Mimilou (MD), Americo, Liella, Lisa (sophisti-scraps - her cookies rawk), Damayanti, Andjelina, Tiramisu, Tinette, Flergs, Elodie, Galiscrap, Fanette just to name a few LOL

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?

Right now, it's mostly my own blog and about a handfull of Halloween inspired blogs that have 'how-to's' on them. I'm building my haunted house for Halloween and i'm getting some fantastic tips :)

I will now pass this Questionnaire on to:

Anyone who would like to do it :)

Thanks Stina - for the fun questionnaire!

Sep 15, 2009

Sept. Freebie

Was going through my stuff and found this. It was supposed to be part of the September TSD Store Collab. There's no sense in it sitting there going to waste right?
This is a full sized kit - 10 papers and 21 elements
The download links below are direct links - no rapidshare, no 4shared...etc

Thank yous and/or comments are always appreciated.


Download Expired

My time away from scrapbooking...

is providing me with the time i've really needed to take care of things i've been putting on the back burner..namely - cleaning up the mess that is my hard drive! I'm 1/4 of the way through it and have opened up a lot of space already! My hd is a whole terrabyte and its amazing how much stuff one can accumulate in just a few short months.

I've also been working on my haunting goodies for Halloween. Every year we do a haunted house and this year - my neighbor and very dear friend is joining forces with my fam and doing it double size! So i've been busy in the "lab" making witch potion bottles and "witch jar" luminaries to hang from the trees. On the current workspace are the pvc candles, homemade latex appliances (for me to apply to our zombies this halloween) and the baby dolls that im currently "zombifying". LOL. I'll post some pics when it gets closer to.

Tomorrow I get my nails done and boy do they need it! lol They've grown way too fast. Not sure how fancy i'm going to get but it'll be interesting :) I'm gonna do some halloween colors.'s september but i'm on Halloween mode LOL.

I'm also looking forward to playing in adobe illustrator along with my wacom tablet. I've been overlooking my tablet and cant wait to give it a go again. It's been over a year since i've done any 'tableting'. So when that starts, be looking for some freebies then. :) I'll definitely let ya know.

It's back to the lab for me...the zombies are calling :)

Enjoy a beautiful day!

Sep 10, 2009


Yesterday I closed Totally Sweet Designs, for reasons that will remain private.
Since that decision I've received threatening emails and unfortunately have had my character slammed. The threatening emails mean nothing to me. Sure, steal my kits and share them. Seriously? Whats that going to do to me? Nothing. The slamming of my character stung, but i'm keeping in perspective that it's all based on lies from people who choose to believe what they were fed. I would though, like to thank those who have remained unbiased and those who have sent me emails of support. You're all appreciated and I will never forget it.

I just want it to be noted that closing the store was a hard decision for me. I bought the url, I paid for the hosting, I built the store and I maintained the store (updates, adding new designers, adding modules..etc). I've spent countless hours fighting off hack attempts and making sure that zen cart doesnt glitch. I would dedicate one full day twice a month toward payroll. You dont put in as much time as I did on something you dont care about. So, no, closing the store was not an easy decision for me.

On a more personal note, the hardest hit came when I learned that someone I called friend and completely trusted betrayed me.... and in more than just one way. Many things in the past have been done to her wrongly...and I stood by her as her friend to defend her. So much so that I was slammed just for being her friend. I even changed my design name to avoid problems so I could get back to designing. Do I regret doing it? No...because I treasure my friends and that's the type of person I am. We all learn lessons in life and I guess this one is mine. Do I hate her? No, I wish her the best of luck. She's a very talented designer and I know she'll continue to thrive in digiscrapping. I'm sure she'll have another store opened soon.

With that said, as I sit back and reflect on the things that have transpired since yesterday morning, I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a hiatus from digital scrapbooking. I dont think I will quit designing altogether, because its something I love to do. From time to time i'm sure that i'll be posting a freebie here and there, so if you'd like to receive whatever I make while on my hiatus, click the "follow" button on my blog and you'll receive updates.

I want to thank you all for the visits, the comments and the emails you've sent me.
I look forward to the day when i'm rested, feel at peace and can come back to designing with out any drama.

To my fabulous CTs. You are the BEST out there ladies. Thank you all so much for your superior talents and your awesome support and friendships. I hope that when I do return that I will again have the priviledge of calling you my Creative Team.

With Love and Respect,

Oopsie / Lynette

Sep 7, 2009

Violaceous & Moments In Mocha Layouts By Janka!

Two new beautiful layouts made by my CT Janka from "Jankaland".

This first layout was made using my PTU kit "Violaceous" available at Totally Sweet Designs (full and tagger) and at Stargazer Scraps (tagger).

This second layout was made using my PTU kit "Moments In Mocha" available at Totally Sweet Designs (full and tagger) and at Stargazer Scraps (tagger).

Thank you so much Janka!

New Spring Layouts by Rants N' Random Ramblings

Check out these absolutely gorgeous layouts made by Rose of Rants 'N Random Ramblings!
Rose used my PTU kit called "New Spring" available at Totally Sweet Designs (in full and tagger sizes) and at Stargazer Scraps (in tagger size).

Thanks so much Rose!

Sep 6, 2009

New Tutorial "Candy Treats" By Mami Art!

This delicious new taggie was made by Mami Art !
Mami used a collaboration kit between myself and coras creations called "Candys Treats" that you can STEAL for a low price here: CANDYS TREATS COLLAB

Her first tutorial with this kit - yep there's two!! Is called "Candy Treats" and it's the one you see above. To find out how you can make it for yourself, please visit mamis tutorial CANDY TREATS

Mami made ANOTHER fantastic taggie to show the versatility (and fun) of this particular collaboration. You can see it here: DELICIOUS

Thanks so much Mami!!

New Tutorial "Vampiress" by Stina!

Two new fantastic - PERFECT for Halloween Taggies by Designed By Stina!
Stina used my PTU "First Bite" kit inspired by Twilight

You gotta see the second one at Stinas Site - its animated!!

To find out how you can make these for yourself, please visit Stina here:

Sep 3, 2009

New Tutorial "First Bite" by Stina!

Isnt this BEAUTIFUL!! I was so excited to wake up this morning and find this in my email box!!
Yesterday, she made a full blog with another Twilight kit and today THIS beauty! Who's the lucky girl?!! Me!

Unfortunately, blogger removes the animation (YEP - its animated!!)

Stina used my PTU kit called "First Bite" available from Totally Sweet Designs and Stargazer Scraps. (Full size available only at Totally Sweet Designs)

Stina shows you exactly how you can make it right here:

New Blog From Stina...

My CT Stina surprised me earlier today with a fantastic new blog made from my "Dance With Me Edward" Kit. If you love Twilight and you love the color blue, you would love this kit!

Please see what an awesome new blog Stina has here;

and tell her Oopsie sent ya!

Sep 2, 2009

New Tutorial "Summer Fae" By Lovely Tripp N Tuts!

This fantastic tag was made by Lovely of Lovely Tripp N Tuts
Lovely used my PTU Tagger Kit called "A Fae For All Seasons - Summer"

Not only did Lovely made this fantastic tag - but she even re-dressed her blog with the kit! It's a MUST SEE!! Check out how to make the tag and her beautiful blog here

Sep 1, 2009

New Tutorial "Elias Witches" By Tutorials By Sue !!

Look at my new taggie from Tutorials By Sue!!
Elias is one of my FAVE how thrilled was I to have this waiting for me this morning!!

Sue used my PTU Thrill N Chill kit - available in both full and tagger sizes.
You wanna make one dontcha??!! Just pop on over to Tutorials By Sue to find out how!

Woo Hoo...It's Goodie Train Time !!

So yeah, I got that "peanut butter jellytime" stuck on the brain. That and the Baskin Robbins "Ice Cream and Cakey Cake" one too LOL.