Sep 15, 2009

My time away from scrapbooking...

is providing me with the time i've really needed to take care of things i've been putting on the back burner..namely - cleaning up the mess that is my hard drive! I'm 1/4 of the way through it and have opened up a lot of space already! My hd is a whole terrabyte and its amazing how much stuff one can accumulate in just a few short months.

I've also been working on my haunting goodies for Halloween. Every year we do a haunted house and this year - my neighbor and very dear friend is joining forces with my fam and doing it double size! So i've been busy in the "lab" making witch potion bottles and "witch jar" luminaries to hang from the trees. On the current workspace are the pvc candles, homemade latex appliances (for me to apply to our zombies this halloween) and the baby dolls that im currently "zombifying". LOL. I'll post some pics when it gets closer to.

Tomorrow I get my nails done and boy do they need it! lol They've grown way too fast. Not sure how fancy i'm going to get but it'll be interesting :) I'm gonna do some halloween colors.'s september but i'm on Halloween mode LOL.

I'm also looking forward to playing in adobe illustrator along with my wacom tablet. I've been overlooking my tablet and cant wait to give it a go again. It's been over a year since i've done any 'tableting'. So when that starts, be looking for some freebies then. :) I'll definitely let ya know.

It's back to the lab for me...the zombies are calling :)

Enjoy a beautiful day!