Sep 10, 2009


Yesterday I closed Totally Sweet Designs, for reasons that will remain private.
Since that decision I've received threatening emails and unfortunately have had my character slammed. The threatening emails mean nothing to me. Sure, steal my kits and share them. Seriously? Whats that going to do to me? Nothing. The slamming of my character stung, but i'm keeping in perspective that it's all based on lies from people who choose to believe what they were fed. I would though, like to thank those who have remained unbiased and those who have sent me emails of support. You're all appreciated and I will never forget it.

I just want it to be noted that closing the store was a hard decision for me. I bought the url, I paid for the hosting, I built the store and I maintained the store (updates, adding new designers, adding modules..etc). I've spent countless hours fighting off hack attempts and making sure that zen cart doesnt glitch. I would dedicate one full day twice a month toward payroll. You dont put in as much time as I did on something you dont care about. So, no, closing the store was not an easy decision for me.

On a more personal note, the hardest hit came when I learned that someone I called friend and completely trusted betrayed me.... and in more than just one way. Many things in the past have been done to her wrongly...and I stood by her as her friend to defend her. So much so that I was slammed just for being her friend. I even changed my design name to avoid problems so I could get back to designing. Do I regret doing it? No...because I treasure my friends and that's the type of person I am. We all learn lessons in life and I guess this one is mine. Do I hate her? No, I wish her the best of luck. She's a very talented designer and I know she'll continue to thrive in digiscrapping. I'm sure she'll have another store opened soon.

With that said, as I sit back and reflect on the things that have transpired since yesterday morning, I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a hiatus from digital scrapbooking. I dont think I will quit designing altogether, because its something I love to do. From time to time i'm sure that i'll be posting a freebie here and there, so if you'd like to receive whatever I make while on my hiatus, click the "follow" button on my blog and you'll receive updates.

I want to thank you all for the visits, the comments and the emails you've sent me.
I look forward to the day when i'm rested, feel at peace and can come back to designing with out any drama.

To my fabulous CTs. You are the BEST out there ladies. Thank you all so much for your superior talents and your awesome support and friendships. I hope that when I do return that I will again have the priviledge of calling you my Creative Team.

With Love and Respect,

Oopsie / Lynette


Rose said...

Sometimes I truly believe that things happen in our lives to take us on a new path that we otherwise would never have gone down. Enjoy your hiatus, recharge your batteries, and if and when you decide to start designing again, I'm sure there are lots of stores out there that would be more than happy to sign you up, and I know I would be more than happy to resume playing with your kits! Remember that life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. {hugs}

Janka said...

I'm really sorry, you know. I wish you all the best! We are waiting for you to come back :)

Anonymous said...

Babes! this is no reason for you to quit, and hang your boxing gloves, when life close a door, God always show u a path to another. You hang tight, and watch the light ahead of your tunnel.

I hope you are doing great love ya will IM you once I get home from College


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about what is being done to you. Im not sure why she felt she had to involve us in the whole dilemma but I can understand your response. I'm sure I speak for most in saying we just would rather be left out of it.

Keep your head up

ICSuz said...

Gosh...I'm meeting you at the retirement stage. I have read your rational/levelheaded/incisive note to all your friends ~ and the comments left here. I concur with all the sentiments about things happening for a reason. Take a rest, let your creative juices unwind, enjoy the roses, but, please come back; I'd like to get to know you better...
Huggles from Iowa