Sep 19, 2009

I've been tagged for fun stuff!

Stina tagged me to do this fun little questionnaire.
I'm a little late, but here goes :)

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS?

I'm a Photoshop girl and have been playing with Photoshop since the 90's - Photoshop 5

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits?

I saw a tag made online with a link to a yahoo group so i joined it. After requesting them for a couple months I decided to try my hand at making them. Then began making freebie scrapkits and the rest is history :)

3. Who`s your fave artist?

Wow, uhm...lets see...I like a lot - but my TOP faves are Elias Chatzoudis, Al Rio, Joel Adams, Tyson McAdoo and Rion (aka Pinup Toons). Rion being the first I found online.

4.Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?

This ones pretty easy...I really like Mimilou (MD), Americo, Liella, Lisa (sophisti-scraps - her cookies rawk), Damayanti, Andjelina, Tiramisu, Tinette, Flergs, Elodie, Galiscrap, Fanette just to name a few LOL

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?

Right now, it's mostly my own blog and about a handfull of Halloween inspired blogs that have 'how-to's' on them. I'm building my haunted house for Halloween and i'm getting some fantastic tips :)

I will now pass this Questionnaire on to:

Anyone who would like to do it :)

Thanks Stina - for the fun questionnaire!


Candie said...

I just wanted to drop by to say TY so much for all the great goodies you have shared...
and to say you have an award waiting for you at my blog.
Please drop by to pick it up. *HUGZ*