Apr 22, 2009

New Items!

Wow! It feels like it's been forever! I'm slooooooooooooowly getting back to normal and found that I have a SEVERE dislike for Windows Vista. You can bet i'm backing up EVERYTHING now. I dont EVER want to go through what I just went through. When it happened, I truly felt like giving up.

So here are my first two creations using my newly purchased CS4 Extended. It's a little different but I think i'm "hangin in". These two kits are now available in both Full Size and Tagger Sized kits and are on sale exclusively at Exquisite Scraps for a limited time only (the sale, not the exclusivity) lol.

This one is called "Moments in Mocha"

and this one is called "A Day at the Park"

I most certainly cant end this post without mentioning the WONDERFUL ladies I have the pleasure of working alongside with at Exquisite Scraps. From the two AMAZING owners, Krissy and Sox, the insanely talented designers and the over the top fabulous CT's...their generosities, super supportiveness and friendships have turned a horrible experience into a positive one for me and for this I will forever be grateful. You ladies RULE and I love you dearly!

Thanks also to so many for the messages of encouragement. I'm hoping to be able to churn some more new items out. I'm still a bit wobbly, but am excited to see what I can produce.

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Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie I was wondering if you are looking for any new stores to design at. If so please contact me at admin@simplybeautifulscraps.com