May 22, 2011

No longer creating...

My external that had everything i've EVER created since 2008 as well as all my CU purchases just crashed. I just finished creating my last two mandatory kits for and now I cant even access them. =( 3 years of stuff LOST. This is my second hard drive crash in the three years i've been creating and I am not up for a third. I regret to inform everyone, I will no longer be creating scrap kits.

In the next few weeks I will be closing my personal shop, everything will be on sale until close. I cant believe that after all these years of designing that it's all over.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my awesome Creative Team. I've been SO lucky to have met and created friendships with this group of precious women. Anyone would be LUCKY to have them on their team and even luckier to have their friendships!

Thank you to all my followers at my blog, on facebook as well as twitter. It's been a joy creating for you all.

Warmest regards,



Stina said...

Oh Lynette...don't be disheartened! I know exactly how you feel! My external crashed and died two months ago and it had absolutely everything on it - all my tubes, scraps, CU stuff, but more than than, my personal photos which just cannot be replaced. I was devastated! Luckily my CU stuff and my kits I create are also on my second hard drive on my computer but everything else was lost. So babe I know how you feel. But you know, externals only have a limit to how long they last. You are lucky to get three years out of it - I got about 15 months out of mine.

The guy I took mine too to see if he could retrieve the data said that when you buy and external you really need to buy two, one to back up the external you use. They don't have a long life expectancy like Hard Drives, and even those die too. Please don't be disheartened...and I would hate to see you stop creating, because I LOVE your stuff and use lots of your CU. One of your scrap kits still graces my tutorial

I really am so sorry babe...I know how you feel. I was devastated losing all my stuff too - but mostly my personal photos because I can't replace them.

Chin up, babe. Love you lots!


Lucy said...

wow that sucks :( big hugs!