Jul 9, 2010

Announcement !

Because my 2009 Bon Temps Collection was such a great hit (and the first scrapkit collection ever produced for True Blood) - I have re-released the entire collection in one!

Thanks to all of you who have wrote asking for more....
because of this and the love i've had for True Blood from episode one,

I will be expanding my collection!!

The following are kits that are already in the making...

Marianne, Godric, Lorena, Pam, Lettie Mae, Sophie-Anne and Jessica

* and of course..... Alcide :)

On the designing block are couples kits...

Sookie and Bill * Sookie and Eric * Jessica and Hoyt * Bill and Lorena * Tara and Eggs

and more to come!! As the season progress, I will be following along with them.
I've read the books, but dont want to let any characters out of the bag prematurely...besides, we never know how close the show will follow the books.

Again - thanks for all the support and kind words!!